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Matched Betting Explained – Risk-free way of making money!

Profit Accumulator

As gamblers, we’re all looking for a way to make money, right? Well, how would you like to know about a genuinely risk-free way to make profits by taking advantage of the hundreds of betting offers and bonuses handed out by bookmakers every week.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s not, as profitaccumulator.co.uk uses the relatively simple art of matched betting to guarantee their clients a profit with no risk attached. You don’t need to be an expert punter or have a history of making money from betting on horses to profit from this system as the outcome of any event is irrelevant.

So what exactly is matched betting?

Matched betting (also known as back or lay bet matching, arb betting, or double betting) is a well-known betting strategy that is being harnessed by thousands of profitaccumulator.co.uk clients to benefit from the myriad free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers.

It achieves profits by pitting two completely different bookmakers with varying odds against each other while betting on both teams. By using this system you can wager on an event with no risk of losing.

Any bet is based on mathematical equation and application and is widely considered by experts to be risk-free as it is not based on chance. The typical return on a matched bet where the stake is returned is 85%+ of the free bet offer amount, and 70%+ where the stake is not returned. Most free bets are stake not returned.


Who are profitaccumulators.co.uk?

Profitaccumulators.co.uk are the number one matched betting site in the UK. Launched just six years ago in 2014, the company have had more than 120,000 customers sign up to a risk-free way of making money.

Does matched betting work on horse racing?

Matched betting works on all sports but profitaccumulators.co.uk has a service called ‘Match Catcher’, which uses unique, near-real-time horse racing odds software, which helps clients take advantage of free-bet refund offers that are handed out by bookmakers every day.

Most other odds matchers or racing matchers can take more than three minutes to update when the odds change, but Match Catcher updates in under 60 seconds. This is essential, as horse-racing odds can change in a flash, and you need software that stays on-top of these changes so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. No other horse racing software competes with this speed.

Add in a load of other features, like alerts for particular races, qualifying loss filters, saved events, automatic updates and it’s clear to see why horse racing is a key component of the business.


Matched betting is 100 per cent legal and has been featured in many national publications (Guardian, Telegraph and Calvin Ayre). Better still, the money you earn is tax-free. The reality is that if you invest the time to learn, you will make money. It really does work.

So why not sign up for a completely free trial at profitaccumulators.co.uk (no debit card is required) and take advantage of the fantastic tutorials and guides on the website. There is even a free helpline staffed seven days a week with trained operatives able to deal with the toughest of questions.

So don’t delay. Sign up today