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Able Jack
8:00 Chelmsford City
S C Williams
Harry Bentley
9th  10/1
Above Us Only Sky
6:40 Tipperary
S F Magee
J A Heffernan
10th  11/1
Acapella Blu
6:10 Tipperary
D K Weld
C D Hayes
4th  9/1
7:10 Tipperary
G B Caldwell
C D Hayes
2nd  11/2
Ace Combat
5:15 Kempton Park
M Madgwick
Joshua Moore
3rd  10/1
5:40 Tipperary
M M McNiff
C P Hoban
10th  100/1
Admiral Rooke
9:00 Chelmsford City
M Appleby
Theodore Ladd
5th  11/4
6:10 Tipperary
J M Oxx
N G McCullagh
5th  20/1
Agarʼs Plough
4:25 Beverley
M W Easterby
Nathan Evans
2nd  9/2
Ahead Of The Game
5:20 Warwick
J Farrelly
J E Moore
7th  12/1
Albert George
5:20 Warwick
S-J Davies
Ben Godfrey
9th  200/1
All Or Nothin
9:00 Chelmsford City
P Butler
Callum Shepherd
11th  66/1
5:10 Perth
N G Richards
Danny McMenamin
2nd  10/1
American Lady
4:30 Tipperary
J A Stack
C D Hayes
2nd  14/1
1:40 Beverley
Adrian Nicholls
Connor Beasley
3rd  6/1
4:30 Tipperary
Richard OʼBrien
O J Orr
3rd  12/1
An Bhfuil Tu Reidh
7:40 Tipperary
K Purcell
A C Persse
15th  200/1
Andre Amar
5:05 Tipperary
G M Lyons
C T Keane
9th  10/1
Antonia Clara
7:30 Chelmsford City
S C Williams
Marco Ghiani
3rd  7/1
Ardera Cross
3:40 Warwick
D Skelton
Conor Shoemark
1st  10/11
Areen Heart
6:30 Chelmsford City
D OʼMeara
A Kirby
2nd  9/4
2:35 Warwick
J G M OʼShea
James Best
Pulled Up
Art Of Unity
5:05 Tipperary
John Feane
D E Sheehy
5th  25/1
Aspen Belle
5:05 Tipperary
P Martin
K J Leonard
4th  14/1
4:55 Beverley
D OʼMeara
D Tudhope
4th  11/2
1:40 Beverley
B Smart
G Lee
2nd  20/1
8:00 Chelmsford City
A M Balding
S De Sousa
5th  7/4
Baileys In Bloom
2:15 Beverley
R A Fahey
P Hanagan
1st  14/1
Ballyvic Boru
3:30 Perth
B Ellison
Danny Cook
5th  13/2
Barney Dwan
4:15 Warwick
F OʼBrien
Sean Bowen
4th  6/1
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