2022 Cheltenham Festival Ante Post Betting

Cheltenham Ante Post Betting

Every ante post market for the 2022 Cheltenham Festival is shaping up as the countdown to the big week continues.

Many will have been studying the Cheltenham ante post betting for many months, with markets opening as soon as the previous Festival finishes. However, only now have the markets started to become clear.

Below are our ante post selections in every race with their current entries, as we look to provide the best value in advance of the 2022 Cheltenham Festival.

Ante Post Betting Tips – Day 1

Ante Post Betting Tips – Day 2

Ante Post Betting Tips – Day 3

Ante Post Betting Tips – Day 4

What are the Ante Post rules?

Many months in advance, ante post markets will open for the Cheltenham Festival with prices often a lot bigger than are available closer to the time. Here is why.

The lengthier odds factor in the chances of a horse showing up, going for another race and many other unknown factors that could occur during the season. If you back a horse months in advance for a Cheltenham Festival race and they fail to make it, or run elsewhere, then you will lose your money.

However, ante post markets regularly update as the season progresses. Within a couple of the months of the Cheltenham Festival, many bookmakers will offer “Non Runner No Bet” markets in which your bets are far more secure. The odds you get about your selected runners will often be decidedly shorter as a result, but you will know that should your horse miss out, you will get your money back and the bet will be void.


How far in advance can you bet on a horse?

You can bet on a horse as far in advance as you like. In fact, markets are already available for the 2023 Cheltenham Festival should you wish!

What does ante-post mean in betting?

Ante post means you are betting in advance of a race’s final declarations. This factors in the likelihood of a horse showing up, as well as the potential opposition they may face at various points of the season.

How do you place an ante bet?

Placing an ante post bet is as simple as placing any other bet. Simply open the betting account of your choice and look for the “ante post” section. Any races or markets that offer ante post betting will be available there.

Can you cash out an ante-post bet?

Most bookmakers will offer the opportunity to cash out ante post bets, but make sure you check the conditions first.

What is an early price?

An early price is quite literal. It is simply a price taken much earlier within a market that is usually much bigger than will be available come the race.

What does starting price mean in horse racing?

A starting price, often abbreviated to SP, is the price at which a horse begins a race. You almost always have the option of betting at SP, but the odds can often end up considerably shorter.