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Today's Lucky 15 Tips & Nap Of the Day – GG Top Tips

Horse racing tips, for every race, at every course, every day and free! Our daily racing tips are exclusive to GG.co.uk.

The Top Tips are our Editor’s best horse racing tips for the day, available for free and packaged as a range of popular bets. Our top tips feature selections from the biggest races all year round, with Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood and the Cheltenham Festival just a handful of meetings where our Editor will attempt to pinpoint their best bets of the day.

*Odds displayed on this page are sourced directly from online bookmakers. Please check all details before placing your bet(s). 18+ only.


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Lucky 15 Tips For Today & Tomorrow

A Lucky 15 is one of the most popular multiple bets around and features four selections, with stakes divided into four single bets, four trebles, six doubles and a fourfold accumulator. We have Lucky 15 tips for today and tomorrow available on our Top Tips page, picked out by our Racing Editor, and best of all, these are completely free. 

As a Lucky 15 includes many different bets, it can result in punters looking at a large payout for a relatively small stake. Lucky 15 returns are calculated depending upon how your horses fare, so choosing a selection or selections at bigger odds will increase your return, but also decrease your chances of finding a winner.

Lucky 15’s tends to be popular with punters as only one winning selection or placed selection if the Lucky 15 is each way, is needed for a return. The bet is available with all major bookmakers, and as well as Lucky 15 tips for today, we have Lucky 15 tips available for tomorrow’s racing, with the latter on site daily after 4pm. Our Lucky 15 tips tomorrow will include four of our top tips for the next day’s racecard, so you can get ahead of the game and have our expert insight into who to include in your Lucky 15. 

What does a Lucky 15 bet mean in Horse Racing?

A Lucky 15 consists of 15 bets across four selections:

  • 4 x single bets
  • 6 x double bets
  • 4 x treble bets
  • 1 x 4-fold accumulator

Because single bets are included, one winning selection is enough to trigger a payout.

Nap of The Day

Our NAP of the day is considered to be our Racing Editor’s best bet across all of the horse racing tips produced. Many factors are considered before nominating our NAP of the day, such as the odds available at the time of publishing. We also study the form, key trends for the race, and whether the horse has form over course and/or distance, before making our final decision on our NAP.

We want to ensure our NAP of the day is the best bet on offer for that day’s racing – we put the effort in so you don’t have to! You can see today’s racing nap’s available on our top tips section of our website, and see who we’re backing as our best bet of the day. 

Nap of The Day Results

NAP’s are very popular in horse racing and for any visitors to our Top Tips it is the first selection they come across when landing on the page. With such a range of horse racing tips available at GG, our NAP represents the strongest selection of the day and is generally available to view for free after 4pm, or late afternoon time, on the day before the race.

You can track the results of our NAP on our top tips page, where the results of previous days are archived. This means you’re able to check how our NAP’s have been running, from the day before, to a month ago, to a year ago! 

Outsider Tips Today

Another bet considered quite popular here at GG is our Outsider of the day. The Outsider is a selection our Editor feels has been overlooked in the market and, therefore, tends to represent something of a dark horse against those at the top of the betting.

Outsider tips for today’s horse racing are available on our Top Tips page, and whilst we can do nothing to stop a horse from getting backed in, our Editor aims to select a horse at a double, or even triple, figure price, so that it appeals as a good each way bet across the cards. Our Outsider tips today are on site from 4pm the day before, so there’s plenty of time to get on with the bookmaker of your choosing.

We compile our top tip selections daily, publish them as soon as they are available, and offer an alternative selection for non-runners… all for free! You might also be interested in our daily horse racing tips, a tip on every race at every course every day! Also, why not check out our tipping blogs?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

How many horses do you need for a lucky 15?

A Lucky 15 consists of four selections.

What bets are in a Lucky 15?

A Lucky 15 consists of 4 x single bets, 6 x double bets, 4 x treble bets and 1 x 4-fold accumulator.

How much is a £1 Lucky 15 bet?

A £1 Lucky 15 would cost £15 (15 multiple bets x £1), or if you are backing an each-way £1 lucky 15 it would be £30, due to the each-way part of the bet.

Should I do Lucky 15 each way?

An each-way Lucky 15 is a great way to potentially win big from a relative small outlay. If you’re doing a lucky 15 and including selections at bigger odds, then it might pay to back them each-way rather than win only. That way, they don’t have to win and you can still make a tidy profit just for finishing in the places.

Are there any other types of lucky Bets?

There are other types of Lucky bets, including Lucky 31 and Lucky 63. A Lucky 31 is made up of 31 bets for five selections (5 x singles, 10 x doubles, 10 x trebles, 5 x four-folds and 1 x five-folds), whilst a Lucky 63 is made up of 63 bets for six selections (6 x singles, 15 x doubles, 20 x trebles, 15 x four-folds, 6 x five-folds and 1 x six-fold).

How do we at GG select our Lucky 15 Tips?

Our racing editor studies every race before picking our his Lucky 15 selections, which consists of four of our top tips for that day’s racing.

What happens if you have 2 or 3 non runners in a Lucky 15?

If you have non-runners in a Lucky 15, all 15 bets will still stand. However, it will be worked out as follows:
– One non-runner and one winner in a double would see it paid out to the value of having a single winner.
– One non-runner and two winners in a treble would see it paid out to the value of having a double winner that the two winners make up.
– One non-runner and three winners in a four-fold would see it paid out to the value of having a treble winner that the three winners make up.

What does NAP stand for in horse racing?

The term NAP is short for Napoleon and originates from a card game in France. A player would call ‘Napoleon’ when they believe they have won the game. In Horse Racing, a NAP is considered to be the