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Heinz Bet Explained

A Heinz bet is a multiple made up of six selections. They form 57 combinations, and with Heinz (yes, the baked bean manufacturers) being famous for having 57 varieties, the bet was termed the same. While there are a lot of lines, it is not a very complex bet to understand, but it does need to be used carefully when compared to single bets, which are naturally easier to win.

Understanding the Basics of Heinz Betting

As mentioned above, a Heinz has 57 lines, comprising 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, six five-folds and one six-fold accumulator. They are available as both win and each-way bets across almost any sport, though they are best known for their use by horse and greyhound racing punters.

The Mathematics Behind a Heinz Bet

Turning a profit on a Heinz bet is just simple mathematics. We know the permutations above and that you require at least two successful selections to gain a return. For a win, Heinz, you need two 7/1 winners to earn a profit. Three winners at 9/4 will generate a profit, as will four on 1/1. Six 1/1 winners would cost £57 for a £1 win Heinz and payout £716 if they all won! 

Of course, it is not as easy to find a string of 1/1 winners as it may look on paper, but it gives you a good idea that it doesn’t require many high prices going into a bet like a Heinz to turn over a profit. 

Constructing a Heinz Bet: Step-by-Step Guide

Building a Heinz is as simple as finding six selections you like and want to combine into a multiple bet. Follow our easy guide below to find out exactly how. 

  1. Study the form and make your selections. Try and find those at a relatively similar price. It makes it hard to piece a Heinz together logically if you have a couple at 2/1 and a couple at 20/1. 
  2. Determine whether the prices would work better as a win or an each-way bet. Each way is open to interpretation but generally, 6/1 and above works for most punters. 
  3. Go to your bookmaker and add your selections to your bet slip. Choose Heinz and tick each way if you are going that way – no need to tick the box if you are betting win only.
  4. Sit back and enjoy the action.

Advantages of Heinz Betting

The most significant advantage of any multiple bet like a Heinz is that there is room for error. A six-horse accumulator demands that all six are successful for a return. While you are unlikely to make a profit with just two successful picks in a Heinz (prices dependant, of course), you will at least gain some return.

The dream of winning big from a crazy multiple bet is common with most punters. A Heinz is one of those bets that will generate that dream sort of return if you are lucky enough to put the right combinations together. 

Lee Westwood famously landed a Super Heinz bet (a 7th selection for 120 lines), paying £48,000 at the 2019 Cheltenham Festival. When six of his seven selections won, Westwood landed that considerable profit from a £240 total stake! It can be done, but you must study to find the correct picks. 

Risks & Disadvantages of Heinz Betting

With 57 lines to pay for, or 114 if you do the bet each way, the cost of placing a Heinz bet is much more than most other wagers. As we have discussed above, the Heinz is built around being able to find winners at a high enough price to generate a profit. 

A Heinz has a massive variance with all the lines and prices, so it is easy for a novice punter to be slightly confused by a multiple such as this. They are also more complex bets to land, simply from the starting point that you need at least two of the six to gain a return. 

Heinz Betting Tips & Strategies

Knowledge is power, and with a Heinz bet, studying to find the proper selections to put into the bet is crucial. It might be worthwhile at first to concentrate on races with fewer runners. Less study is required, and there are fewer variables. Also, finding the winner of a four-runner race is arguably easier than one with twenty runners. 

What prices to look for is up to the individual punter. While it is tempting to go very short, you’ll need four winners from the six picks to make a profit. Somewhere in the 3/1-5/1 range is an excellent middle ground where three winners will generate a decent return.

A Heinz should be seen as a small part of a betting strategy and other bets. Relying on only one kind of bet is not a long-term winning move, so use a Heinz when it is best and doubles, trebles, etc, when it is more suitable, depending on how many selections you have and their prices. As with any bet, managing your stake is crucial. Always bet what you can afford to lose, and please do so responsibly.