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How to Bet on Cricket – Cricket Betting Guide for Beginners

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Cricket has quickly become one of the most popular sports to watch and also to bet on. The introduction of T20 cricket and popular leagues such as the IPL has spread the interest across the world.

If you’re looking to get involved, it’s important to understand how to bet on cricket, and the following guide will offer clear instructions on how to approach the markets.

How Does Cricket Betting Work

To bet on cricket, you must first understand the basics. Cricket betting involves speculating on a match’s result and other aspects of the game.

Many bettors will stake on the result, also known as money line betting. For example, in the T20 World Cup final of 2024, sportsbook customers would bet on either India or South Africa to win. It’s also possible to stake on other markets such as Top Batter, Top Bowler, Most Sixes, Total Runs, and more.

The concept is a simple one: If your bet is correct, it wins, and you collect a profit. That’s cricket betting in its basic form, but if you want to understand how to bet on cricket and win, it’s more complex

Cricket Odds Explained: How to read cricket odds

Cricket odds UK tell us two things: The likelihood of either team winning the game and the return that you can expect to receive if your bet wins.

Let’s use that 2024 World Cup final between India and South Africa as an example. Using fractional odds, we’ll say that South Africa were 2/1 to win the game, and India were quoted at 4/6.

Already, we have some information from these odds. India carry the shorter odds so they are the favourites, while South Africa, with the longer price, are the outsiders.

The figures also tell us how much we could win. In the case of India, who won the game, a stake of £6 returns £4. The bettors also gets their stake returned, so the overall payment from the bookmaker here would be £10, with a £4 profit.

Different Types of Cricket Bets in the UK

The example used in the odds section is based on the moneyline market. This is a bet on which team will win the game. In test matches and first class cricket, moneyline betting also includes an option to bet on the draw.

Moneyline betting is a good place for newbies to start, but there are many alternatives, and if you want to know how to bet on cricket, you need to understand them.

Futures Betting

Another popular cricket bet is the Futures bet. A futures bet is placed on the overall winner of a tournament or series, such as the Ashes or the T20 World Cup.

As soon as the 2024 IPL came to a close, the bookmakers published a futures market for the 2025 edition. Early odds showed three joint favourites with Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders all quoted at 6/1 to win.

Bettors consider the teams taking part, and based on form, squad strength, batting vs. bowling strengths, and other factors, they will make their choice.

Totals Betting

Many sports have totals betting markets and cricket is no exception. There are lots of potential categories here, and totals betting could relate to the number of runs scored in the match, or the number scored by a team in an innings.

Along with team totals, it’s also possible to bet on total runs by individual players. The top cricket betting sites will list a specific player and ask bettors to stake on how many runs they think they will score.

For example, in the first test match between England and West Indies at Lord’s in 2024, many bookmakers offered offering odds 5/6 on Joe Root to score more than 41.5 runs.

Totals markets can also apply to wickets taken by teams and bowlers.

Team Props

A prop bet is a shortened version of ‘proposition.’ Also known as a side bet, it’s a stake on certain aspects of a cricket match that don’t necessarily have an effect on the final outcome. Props are separated into two categories: Team Props and Player Props.

A popular team prop is a market on which team will hit the most sixes in a game. There will be an option for Team A and Team B, plus a third bet on the tie.

Teams with a reputation for big hitting such as the West Indies and South Africa are worth watching in this market. They can often be outsiders to win a match, but they might just give you a profit in the most sixes market.

Most cricket markets will run with this theme and give you a second option for the team to hit most 4s.

Another team prop involves a bet on the side to score the highest opening partnership, while in limited-overs cricket, bookmakers publish bets on who will have the highest total after the first Powerplay.

As the name suggests, player props are markets tailored to the individual players taking part in the game. A sportsbook may, for example, list a batter such as Virat Kohli of India and ask whether or not he will score a century in the upcoming match.

Player props can also be found for bowlers, while there is also an overall Player of the Match market. A good tip for this bet is to focus on the batters. There is a theory that most Player of the Match awards go to batters rather than bowlers.

Other Cricket Bet Types

Those are the most common cricket bet types, but there may be others, depending on which sportsbook you use. Handicap betting is a popular twist on the moneyline market, and some bookmakers provide this as an option.

A handicap in cricket would give one team a theoretical advantage in terms of runs. Their opponents would have to overcome the imaginary head start in order for the bet to pay out.

Arbitrage betting may also appear. Also known as an arb, this is a system where it may be possible to find odds on all available outcomes, and if you stake recommended amounts, a profit may be guaranteed. Arb betting is for experts and it should be avoided in the early stages of your cricket betting journey.

How Does Live Betting Work on Cricket Matches?

It’s possible to bet online on cricket matches once the game has begun. Most of the best cricket betting sites in UK have a live section and the markets transfer here as soon as the first ball has been bowled. The same options are available, so it’s possible to stake on moneyline betting, innings runs, wicket totals and more.

Live cricket betting is popular for several reasons. It’s sometimes possible to find better odds in this sportsbook section, while many like to test their analytical skills. Students of cricket can analyse the passages of play, and use that knowledge to predict how the match will develop.

Cricket betting has always attracted a following, but there’s a greater choice of events to bet on than ever before. Bettors like to consider new tournaments, but they also consider historic matches.

Here are the most popular events among the cricket betting community.

The Ashes

The oldest official international contest in world cricket is between England and Australia. Test series involving these two teams are known as The Ashes and will generally occur every two years.

The sides have been playing official tests since 1877. The games are usually competitive, and closely fought, although Australia have a better overall record.

World Test Championship

Test cricket has been played for over a hundred years, but the World Test Championship is a relatively new innovation. It’s open to all test playing nations, so the battle for the trophy takes place between England, Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa and others.

Each major test series offers points for the WTC table, so there is more interest from a playing, spectating and betting point of view.

Indian Premier League

The biggest domestic T20 cricket competition is the Indian Premier League. First held in 2008, the IPL is held annually, with most games taking place in April and May.

The IPL has recently expanded to include 14 teams, and after a lengthy group stage, the best five sides go through to the playoffs. The competition attracts the best T20 players in the sport, and that’s why the IPL is such an important tournament, for those looking for outright winner betting and other markets.

As of 2024, the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings are the most successful IPL teams with five trophies each. Kolkata Knight Riders won their third title in 2024, and are looking to catch the leaders at the top of the overall table.

Cricket World Cups

Cricket schedules World Cups in each of its limited overs formats. Players from each nation will compete in the 50 Over World Cup and also the T20 version.

The timing of each tournament is quite fluid. In general, the 50 Over World Cup comes around every four years. In the T20 format, it’s not uncommon for the event to be held every two years.

In the 50 Over game, Australia are the most successful country with six World Cup wins at the end of the most recent tournament in 2023. At the same stage, India and the West Indies had both won two titles.

The first edition of the T20 World Cup was run in 2007, and the most recent tournament ended in 2024. At that stage, the West Indies, England and India had all won two trophies each.

Other Top Tournaments

Each major cricket-playing country has its own domestic T20 tournament. The most popular of these include the Big Bash in Australia, the Pakistan Super League, the Caribbean Premier League and England’s T20 Blast.

While they are not as big as the IPL, each of these competitions is a big attraction for cricket fans and also for the betting community. They are held on an annual basis at various points on the calendar.

Other popular international events include the Asia Cup and the Champions Trophy. Bilateral series between the top sides in world cricket will also attract bettors’ attention. The good news for anyone wanting to know how to bet on cricket is that top-class matches take place right across the calendar year.

Effective Cricket Betting Tips & Strategies

Those who are new to cricket betting will find a host of tips and strategies. Once they understand how to bet on cricket matches, the logical next step is to consider those options and test them out.

There’s no foolproof way to bet on cricket and win, but some of those strategies are worth following for both newbies and experienced bettors.

Follow Cricket Tipsters and Their Expert Predictions

As part of your cricket betting strategy UK, it is perfectly acceptable to follow tipsters. The important thing to keep in mind is that some have better records than others.

Before you stake real money based on their advice, it’s wise to look back over their previous tips. Do they have a long run of winning tips and are they making a profit overall? Are they inconsistent with a few wins, masking a series of losses?

Remember, we’re learning how to bet on cricket and win, so we need to trust those tipsters before getting involved with our money.

Study Form and Other Key Stats

Many who already know how to bet on cricket will carry out their own research. Key statistics to consider include recent form, so you’ll need to look at a team’s results as they come into the game.

Are they on a hot streak of wins, or are the results mixed? Are they losing consistently as the next match approaches?

Another important point to consider is the head to head results between the two sides. If you are concentrating on moneyline betting, has one side dominated recent games? Does home advantage affect the result or is there a good mix of home and away wins?

With so much information available online, it’s easy to source these stats and judge past results.

Pitch and Weather Conditions

External conditions can have a huge effect on the outcome of any cricket match. At a basic level, we know that pitches in England, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and the West Indies are more suitable for pace bowling. Teams with stronger pace attacks tend to do well here.

The surfaces are more productive for spin bowlers in sub-continental countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Those teams produce exceptional spin attacks and are very hard to beat at home.

That’s a basic guide to pitch conditions, but you can take matters further by analysing recent pitch reports. Weather also plays a part so look for the forecast. Overcast skies can help the ball to swing, while a run of hot, dry weather can lead to a dusty pitch which aids the spinners.

A good example of favourable conditions came in the 2019 50 Over World Cup. England were the hosts, and won the tournament, thanks in part to pitches that helped their pacemen and their swing bowlers.

Study News Updates

Late changes to teams can also affect a game’s result. Look ahead of the game for team news and the toss. You may want to wait to see who is batting first and who is fielding before placing a bet.

Going back to the 2005 Ashes series, a late injury to Australian seamer Glenn McGrath forced him to withdraw from the second test at Edgbaston. This weakened Australia considerably, and England went on to win the match.

Look at previous results and see if you can use those to determine how a match might play out. For example, previous T20 tournaments, including the IPL have often shown that the side batting second can dominate and win the majority of matches.

Like all cricket betting strategy UK tips, there are no guarantees that the trends will continue, but they can be a good indicator and are definitely worth considering moving forward.

Other Things to keep in mind

It’s important to understand other factors that could influence the result of a cricket match. As you become more experienced in your betting journey, you could take some time to study the laws of the game.

Factors such as how a batter is given out is important, and you should also be aware of the format of each version of cricket.

One Day Internationals offer teams 50 overs in which to score as many runs as possible, while T20 cricket restricts those sides to 20 overs each. The objective is the same in each case, and the team who scores the most runs wins the game.

Another factor is the weather. If a limited overs match is curtailed by poor conditions, the match can be decided by the Duckworth Lewis Stern method. This is a complicated set of calculations, any the important point to remember is that DLS can often favour the team batting second.

If wet weather is forecast for the day of the game, remember that the toss becomes important.

If you’re betting on a futures market for the outright winner of a competition such as the Indian Premier League, look at the format and understand how qualification to the knockout round works. In the IPL, the top five teams progress to the playoffs, so there is room for a side to have a slow start.

These are among the additional factors you should keep in mind when understanding how to bet on cricket match results and other markets.


That’s a comprehensive guide to how to bet on cricket, but the GG website is here to provide valuable resources throughout your journey. Tips and strategies will be discussed at length, so that you can move forward and gain more confidence and experience.

Keep reading for more valuable information and we’ll keep you updated with the latest from the cricket betting world.

Cricket Betting FAQs

Can I Cash Out on a cricket bookmaker?

Most cricket bookmakers have a cash-out system, which allows you to end your bet early and claim a smaller profit. If this method is important to you, remember to check if your bookmaker offers it.

Moneyline betting on the winner of a cricket match remains the most popular option among bettors. Other popular markets that cricket bettors get involved with include total runs, outright winner betting on the tournament champions and player props.

Which is the best Cricket betting site?

All of the cricket betting sites on our recommended list will provide you with a good home. They offer a good selection of markets, competitive odds and will list bets for all of the major cricket tournaments.

Can I bet on Cricket live during matches?

Yes, cricket sportsbooks now have a live section where you can place bets after the game has begun. Most of the pre-match options are carried over to live markets, so you can consider moneyline betting, player props and much more.