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Quinella Betting Explained

quinella bet explained

A Quinella bet is a type of bet which can be placed when pool betting. This means any winnings from a Quinella bet will be decided by how much money has been paid into the pool and how many winners the pot will be divided by. The Quinella bet involves selecting two horses to finish first and second in any order in a race. 

Understanding Quinella Betting

When placing a Quinella bet, as many horses as you want can be selected. A standard Quinella requires two selections which can finish first or second in any order. Choosing more horses means you have more chances of your choices both making it into the first two. However, the more horses you select, your stake will increase. 

This is similar to another pool bet type called the Exacta. An Exacta also requires you to select the first two horses home in a race, but for this bet type, you must choose which order they finish in.

The Quinella is similar to a Reverse Forecast market which is available with fixed odds betting operators. The payouts from a fixed odds betting operator depend on each horse’s starting price, whereas a Quinella bet is simply the pool total divided by the number of winners. 

The Origins of Quinella Betting

The Quinella has gained popularity in pool betting across the globe as one of many ‘exotic’ bets now available to horse racing bettors online. All exotic bets require the player to select one or more horses and can therefore see more significant returns than straight win bets, which are more traditional. 

Quinella betting is available via the Tote, alongside many other pool betting types in the UK. 

How to Place a Quinella Bet

When betting online, it is easy to make a Quinella bet. The Tote is one of the leading online betting sites for pool betting and has an easy-to-follow process for Quinella bets. 

  • First, select the meeting and race you want to bet on. 
  • You can then easily navigate towards the Quinella market, where the race card will be provided. 
  • The next step involves adding as many selections as you want to your bet slip – the more selections you add, the greater your overall stake will be. 

When placing a Quinella, it is essential to understand the role of handicapping within horse racing. A horse may be the highest rated in the race but could struggle to give weight away to rivals who are rated inferior to him. Looking at the current form and conditions is essential rather than just selecting the highest-rated horse in the race. 

By selecting horses with longer odds to finish in the first two, you are increasing your chances of a bigger payout if they do so. This is likely because fewer people will select horses with longer odds and, therefore, fewer people with winning tickets. 

Strategy & Tips for Quinella Betting

When starting with Quinella bets, it may be better to include more horses to give yourself a higher chance of winning. It can be challenging to narrow down to just two horses you think have a chance of finishing in the first two, and therefore, it could pay to spread your bets to start with. 

Selecting four horses will give you six different wagers and twelve possible ways of winning. Each payout will depend on your selections’ popularity, but you don’t want to leave out horses you think could make the first two. 

Another method to consider is the ‘favourite-all’ way of playing Quinella betting. It may not seem worthwhile to bet on favourites to win or place if they have prohibitive odds but combined with another selection could see a favourable payout. This method involves selecting the favourite and all other horses in the race in a Quinella bet. If the favourite finishes in the first two, your bet will be a winner. 

Understanding Payouts in Quinella Betting

As previously mentioned, the Quinella is a type of pool bet, and therefore, any winnings are determined by the amount of money in the pool and the number of winners. In most cases, the horses with bigger odds won’t be selected as much, and therefore if they are included in your Quinella and finish in the first two, you will stand to win more than if the first and second favourites fill the first two spots. 

Pool sizes tend to be more prominent on days with better racing and can be opened up worldwide rather than a UK-only pool. 

There is a risk with Quinella betting that you are not entirely sure how much you will stand to win until the market has closed. This is the same with fixed odds betting – however, you have more control as you can see the odds close to the off. However, this can also be seen as a potential reward, as pool betting returns can often be far greater than their fixed odds counterparts, especially for outsiders. 

The Impact of Quinella Betting on the Horse Racing Industry

The Quinella bet is growing in popularity and is an exciting way to boost winnings in a horse race. It also gives small staking punters the chance to win big. It is vital for UK racing when punters worldwide are betting into the same pool, as it can generate huge pools and revenue for horse racing.