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Super Heinz Bet Explained

super heinz betting explained

A Super Heinz is a seven-selection multiple bet. A Heinz was given the name as it has the same number of lines as the company Heinz had products – an extra selection made this a Super Heinz. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about a Super Heinz, from how to place the bet and calculate winnings and strategies for success. 

What is a Super Heinz Bet?

A Super Heinz is made up of seven selections, covering doubles and upwards for a total of 120 lines. They are split into 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, seven six-folds and a seven-fold accumulator. You need at least two successful selections to gain a return, and the bets can be placed win or each way. 

For example, if you placed a Super Heinz and had four winners from selections A, B, C and D (E, F and G beaten), you would get a return from 11 different lines, six doubles (A&B, A&C, A&D, B&C, B&D, C&D), four trebles (A,B&C, A,B&D, A,C&D and B,C&D)  and a four-fold (A,B,C&D). 

Comparing Super Heinz to Other Multiple Bets

The sheer volume of bets in a Super Heinz makes them very different to other multiples. A Trixie or Patent has three selections, while a Yankee or Lucky 15 has four. However, a multiple bet with seven selections and 120 different bet lines makes a Super Heinz a behemoth in betting. It is ideal for a big day at a Festival for those wanting a bet in each of the seven races.

Calculating Winnings from a Super Heinz Bet

Let’s take the same example as above – selections A, B, C and D all won at 2/1, and the stake was £1 win, so £120 in total. 

£1 on a 2/1 winner is £3 returned and then that on a 2/1 winner is £6 plus your £3 so each of the six doubles returns £9.

If a double is £9, then that stake on a 2/1 winner is £18 plus your stake, so each of the four trebles pays £27.

The four-fold sees £27 on a 2/1 selection which is £54 plus your stake for a total return of £81. Add them all up (6 X £9, 4 X £27 and 1 X £81) for a total return of £243.

Of course, betting calculators are available online where you can input all the prices and whether they were successful and let that calculate it for you!

The Advantage of the Super Heinz Bet

With so many lines, a string of winners can add up fast in a Super Heinz and boost the money returned to you. It’s also a great way to hedge your bets regarding losers. An acca requires all to be successful, while a Super Heinz can have five losing selections and still gain a return.

Golfer Lee Westwood made a massive profit at the Cheltenham Festival a few years back, showing that those who know the sport and can read form can pick up a good dividend from a Super Heinz bet. 

The Drawbacks of the Super Heinz Bet

With seven selections across 120 lines, it is fair to say that the Super Heinz is one of the most complex multiple bets. Those who only have a casual understanding of horse racing or are new to the sport might struggle to get their heads around such a big multiple. One hundred and twenty lines make it an expensive bet, so be careful with your stakes. 

With two successful selections required for a return, it is a risky bet, especially as three or four winners are generally required to turn a profit, prices depending, of course. It is an easy bet type to end up with more considerable losses if punters do not understand these risks.

Shorter-priced selections can go some way to lessening the risks of a lack of winners, though more successful ones are needed to cover the cost of your bet. A good grasp of horse racing form and how to read it will also minimise some of these drawbacks. 

Where & How to Place a Super Heinz Bet

Where bookmakers are concerned, a Super Heinz is a bet on offer everywhere. Almost all online bookmakers and bookie shops on the high street provide the option. If you are new to multiple betting, finding races with fewer runners for win-only bets or those paying extra places for each way could be the way to go. Here’s a quick step-by-step look at placing a Super Heinz bet.

  1. Study the racing. Find seven horses to place into your bet, making a note of what meeting they are running at and what time the race is.
  2. Go to your bookmaker of choice. 
  3. Click on horse racing and then into the meeting and time of the races you require to add your selections to a bet slip.
  4. On multiples, scroll down to find Super Heinz. Remember, it’s 120x your stake on a win bet and 240x on each way, so stake carefully.

Strategies for Super Heinz Betting

Research into the subject is always the best way to strategise horse racing bets. Understanding the tracks, the going and the horses who will be favoured and gaining a return is more accessible. 

Higher-priced selections will pay more if they win but come with the risk of being harder to win with. Finding shorter-priced horses might allow more of them to win, but the payouts don’t add up as fast at shorter prices. Mixing and matching through your study is the best way to gain a return.

For beginners to betting multiples, looking for symbols such as C&D on a racecard is an excellent place to start. That denotes a horse is a winner at that course over the same trip as it is running over that day. Course form is a huge plus at a quirky track like Brighton or Epsom.