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Try our New Look BetCruncher to Calculate all your Bets!

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Our GG.CO.UK Bet Calculator is available in simple form on the top of the website, but it also links to our upgraded full bet calculator at BetCruncher.Com. We think BetCruncher the ideal site for totting up your bets and now with a sleek new look, it is faster and better than ever!

Like you guys, we love to have a bet on the horses and our goal is to provide a great free horse racing website with the information and tools needed when having a punt and enjoying the races! A good bet calculator is one of those handy tools and BetCruncher.Com is just what you need for the job. It works perfectly on a PC, but as the next generation of App, BetCruncher’s modern design means it comes into its own on a smart or mobile device.


To use BetCruncher, simply visit: https://betcruncher.com/ on your PC/Mobile device, or you can navigate to the new site via the Calculator icon on the GG.CO.UK Homepage. Simply click the BetCruncher link.

The app will be open via your browser, but our technology means the BetCruncher site will operate much like a downloaded native app and can even be pinned to your Home Screen! So it works “Off-line”, making for a really fast and easy way to calculate your singles, doubles, accas and exotic bets, without having to download any apps, or do any Googling for a decent bet calculator; just go to BetCruncher.Com, use it instantly, and for free!

betcruncher-blog-image-2 BetCruncher an important and useful tool for GG users, so we’d love for you to try out the new BetCruncher and give us feedback – via Email or Twitter is ideal – to let us know what you think.

The exciting thing for GG.CO.UK is, many of the design and functionality advantages of the way in which BetCruncher has been built by our talented developers, will be adopted on GG.CO.UK as we move onto improvements on the main site in the coming months.

So in future, all of our Horse Racing information and tools will be even easier to use, while significantly large parts of the site will be available to view…even without an Internet connection!!

Stay tuned to GG.CO.UK News + Blogs for more on that, in the coming weeks & months!